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BH Recovery is undoubtedly the best in the car breakdown industry, known for their speedy repairs and services it's no wonder customers always leave with a smile on their faces. Specialised in the areas of car battery replacement and towing services they have saved more than 2500 vehicles till date.

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    "The service was excellent and fast. The team was down within 30 minutes upon engaging them. They were also friendly to advise me on how to care for my car battery. Thumbs up!"
    5 Star Car Battery Replacement Service FB Review"
  • "Great job, I will definitely using you guys again in case of a car breakdown! The repair was quick and the team came down to my rescue within 30 mins. It really saves me alot of time and effort. This top-notch convenient service is exactly what most business has been lacking."
    5 Star Car Battery Replacement Service FB Review
  • "I will let my family and friends know about BH Recovery, they could really make use of their car battery replacement service! Their car battery replacement service has really helped us in times of desperate needs. Thanks guys, keep up the good work! It really saves me lots of time and effort."
    5 Star Car Battery Replacement Service FB Review


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1What is the average lifespan of a car battery?
In a hot and humid climate like Singapore, an average lifespan of a car battery is approximately 2 years. However, there are several factors that may also affect the life expectancy of the car battery, such as driving habits, car battery age or even vehicle type.
2What are the signs of a flat car battery?
Here are some quick tell tale signs that you require a car battery replacement:
  • Having difficulties starting the car
  • Ticking sound after turning ignition
  • Dim lights and electrical issues
  • Jump start your car several times before
3What causes a car battery to die quicky?
  • Unsuitable car battery type/size for your vehicle
  • Parked stationary for a long time
  • Occasional short drive/trip
  • Forgetting to switch of electronics in the vehicle
  • Faulty Alternator
4Will a jump start save my car battery?
Well this depends on the overall condition of your car battery. A jump start is mostly used as a temporary solution to get your vehicle to start again. However, upon turning off the engine, you might have problems trying to start your vehicle again.
5Do I need to tow my vehicle in the unfortunate event of a flat car battery?
Why the trouble? Save time and money without having to engage for towing and then pay a car workshop for the car battery installation. We get you going right away with our car battery replacement service.
6Does your car batteries come with any warranty?
Yes, all our quality car batteries comes with warranty against manufacturing defects only, 1 Year for petrol vehicle and 6 Months for diesel vehicles. Call us to find out more.

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